Friday, October 26, 2012

Can We? :)

Can we ?
Me and you,
Break away from self-erected norms,
Run carefree, catch the falling snow,
Sit on 'our' stone, till the western sky's aglow.

Can we ?
Me and you,
Talk not of courts and constitutions,
Wander aimlessly on those nameless streets,
Listen to the silence, maybe even our heartbeats.

Can we ?
Me and you,
Let the months of cynicism fall away,
Climb up those slopes, watch the brightly painted hues ,
Fall panting on the tufts of grass, And stare at the heavens blissfully blue.

Can we ?
Me and you,
Find some small room for  belief,
Talk late into the night, narrate some stories old,
Whisper in the dark, some secrets that we continue to hold.

But do we ?
Me and you,
Exist at all ? Perhaps, yes.
Somewhere behind the shards of broken glass,
Where we, you and me, should not have been, alas!
But I will have us no closer no far,
I want us precisely where we are,
A place where smiles are eternally embossed,
And pain's a fleeting shadow often lost.

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  1. Not as good as some of your other posts but really nice nonetheless!